Buffalo Hills near Plettenberg


Nov 5th, 2002, 05:21 AM
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Buffalo Hills near Plettenberg

I am planning my honeymoon for February, and am travelling from Cape Town to Knysna and then back to the Cape again. We are going back to the Cape, as we are getting married there and want to return before we head home. We have found a place called Buffalo Hills from the Portfolio collection and am wondering if anybody has ever been there and what your feedback is. We don't know of any other game reserve unless we go to Shamwari which is just a bit too far away for us.
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Nov 5th, 2002, 01:57 PM
Selwyn Davidowitz
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Hi Sheila,

Buffalo Hills is a game park just outside Plettenberg Bay and to be quite honest it is not that wonderful to visit HOWEVER if you wont be seeing any other game parks then it would be a good experience. Its simply a case of horse for courses. A fellow tourguide, Brian, and I visited the establishment a year ago on a recognisance visit and swore that it was not the place for our visitors. Last week Brian had visitors with him and they insisted that they wanted to visit Buffalo Hills. Guess what? Brian has reported back to me that the visitors loved every minute of the game drive - so who knows??

My own choice in the area is to go on the game drive at Botlierskop game park. http://www.botlierskop.co.za/home.htm
On this game farm near to Mossel Bay you will see much more game than Buffalo Hills. While you can overnight at Buffalo Hills you cannot do so at Botlierskop. Buffalo Hills has one other advantage over Botlierskop and that is that they distil mampoer (moonshine) on the farm . This is done under the name of Nyati and let me tell you the drink is good! )

On Botliers you will see lion (even though they are caged) as well as the very rare black impala. You will also see the rare black springbok. You wont see these animals at Buffalo Hills. Whatever BH has in the form of animals Botliers has them too and more in quantity.

No matter what I would rather visit Botliers as opposed to Buffalo Hills. If you could do both game farms that would be the big bonus imho.

Enjoy the Garden Route and congrats on your forthcoming wedding.

Selwyn Davidowitz
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