Botswana vs. Kenya in November


Sep 5th, 2004, 08:30 PM
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Botswana vs. Kenya in November

I am planning to travel to Africa for the first time in November for 2 weeks and am trying to decide between two itineraries. The first would be a one week safari in Kenya followed by one week at a resort in Mombasa. The other option is a safari in Botswana and a stay at a game preserve in South Africa. The main focus of the trip is to enjoy the wildlife. Which would be better for game viewing at this time of year? Also, I'm open for any suggestions on good tour companies & favorite locations within the country...
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Sep 6th, 2004, 11:50 AM
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We always travel in November and have visited both Kenya and Botswana during that month.

When in Botswana we only visited Chobe and as far as the weather, it was quite warm if not downright hot and often quite humid. There were also occasional showers, though these were troublesome since we were in open vehicles. As far as the wildlife viewing, it was fine, but inasmuch as this was outr 5th safari I wasn't upset in not seeing some species, though disappointed in not seeing the large elephant herds Chobe is known for. The weather in Moremi and the Delta should be the same as at Chobe, but I cannot comment on the quality or quantity of animal sightings in these two areas.

In Kenya you will find comfortable day and morning/night temperatures, ranging from 70-80 degrees during daytime, while evening and mornings will be cooler, with lows of maybe 60. November though is the "short" rain season, with occasional afternoon thundershowers for maybe 1/2 hour or overnight. Being in closed vehicles with flip-top or pop-up roofs, any rain didn't inhibit game viewing. These rains offer the benefit of settling road dust and rarely will it become humid afterwards, which was surprising. In all of our trips in Kenya and Tanzania, we've never in total had more than two wet episodes during daylight hours.

Wildlife viewing was excellent wherever we visited in Kenya (Amboseli, Mt. Kenya, Samburu, Lake Nakuru and the Masai Mara), except for the elusive Leopard which I never got to see until my 5th trip to Africa.

I would suggest if you choose to visit Kenya, that you spend more time on safari and reduce your time at Mombasa to four (4)-days max. If it's only for relaxation that you are considering a week at Mombasa, realize that most lodges/camps do have swimming pools and there is certainly free time during your safari days to relax at a pool to read, write postcards or entries in a journal. I have found that East Africa never disappoints as a safari destination.
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Sep 17th, 2004, 08:18 PM
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Thanks for the tips! We've decided on the trip to Kenya. We plan to go to Sambura, Lake Noruka, Masai Mara and Tsevo for a total of 10 days and then spend the end in Mombasa. I'm very excited!

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