Botlierskop Reserve?


Oct 6th, 2005, 04:09 AM
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Botlierskop Reserve?

Has anyone been to this reserve that can recommend it? We are looking to visit it and stay overnight in the tented accomodation. Helicopter flights are also offered. Thanks
PS I did an earlier posting called "What route to follow", took me a while Selwyn to reply but thanks for your info. I have been busy at work and being unfamiliar with this forum it took me a while to find my message!
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Oct 6th, 2005, 09:44 AM
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I have been to Botlierskop on many occasions and can certainly comment on what to expect.

Accommodation wise Botlierskop's tented rooms are very attractive and well equipped. The rooms near the river are great but there is quite a steep walk up from these rooms to the main lapa (get together)area. The facilities in all the rooms are not very plush but certainly very adequate and for a one night stay they certainly would be fine.

The game drives at Botlierskop are somewhat different to your game drives in the northern regions of SA. Generally all of the below are added into your room cost however I suggest that you check this if you do decide to go there and things can change.

Main game drive.
This is the game drive where you hop onto an old Bedford truck which has been equipped to handle 30 odd people and you all view the game together with one ranger speaking up front. Sometimes he/she is microphoned. My opinion of this is steer clear of the touristy event.

Private game drive.
This experience is one that I recommend and it is an exclusive facility to those residing at Botlierskop. You will be accompanied by a ranger on a private/semi private (2-6 people) game drive. This ranger will be your ranger for your whole stay on Botlierskop meaning that you will have a very personal experience.

Quad bike rides
FANTASTIC way to view the game on the game farm. Absolutely wonderful and unique experience where you and 5 other bikes will go out with your ranger to view the game on quaddies. Do not worry if you have never ridden one fo these bikes as you will have a quick lesson and will be riding within 30 minutes. Trust me this works. I have done this ride about 10 times and in my opinion it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. You can do the quad bike rides by being a resident or non resident at Botlierskop

Elephant rides
One hour ride on an elephant while you are being taught all about the "ellies" by your "driver". In my opinion this ride is very interesting in the first half hour however the second half hour was a so-so experience. After the ride you are offered a picnic lunch in a great setting with the elephants in close attendance.

Helicopter rides.
You mentioned this in your question however I do not know of this facility. Must be a new one.

Overall you will se many animal on Botlierskop however you will NOT se the total big 5. You will see Rhino, Buffalo, Elephant and Lion however the lion are encaged and the elephants are circus type animal so I do not regard the last two as really part of being on a "real" safari. You will however also see many other animal and the one that really is special on Botlierskop is the black impala which you can only se on one other game farm in the whole of Africa. All in all I find Botlierskop to be an interesting experience and if you are not going to go to an up country safari camp it would be highly recommended. If you do decide to visit Botlierskop I would strongly recommend that you link your ride up with a drive down to Addo and Schotia where you will see elephants and lions in a great setting.

It should also be interesting to hear what Colinís visitors think about the comparison between Shamwari and Botlierskop. My own opinion is that Shamwari is a total ripoff but then I must add that they have a stronger selection of animal relative to Botlierskop. Furthermore their accommodation facilities are much more plush however at a cost of what can turn out to be 4-5times the cost I would certainly expect this to be the case.

I will respond to your other thread question on Fodors in the thread itself as soon as I have an opportunity

Hope this helps you in your planning.

Very proudly part of the wonderful nation of South Africa
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Oct 11th, 2005, 05:37 AM
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I guess Shamwari is a bit far away from Cape Town for Selwyn's likeing, Shamwari is very expensive but has been voted Afica's leading safari ro the last six years and is currently the world's leading conservation program.

Here are the guests /> The food and accommodation at Botlierskop is fantastic. The drives are quiet staged in the sense they know exactly where the animals are so
each drive is the same. Also the lions are in a santionary which is quiet different to Shamwari and not as good as hunting for them as you do in
Shamwari. If you were to compare drives with Shamwari, then Shamwari wins hands down. However Botlierskop do elephant rides and allow you feed
the elephants which was a real highlight so both reserves were brilliant in different ways. The
accommodation is also in tents which is an experience considering monkeys like to get into them!!! You would really need to stay 2 nights in
either of the reserves in order to get a really good overview.
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