Best way to phone home to the US from abroad?


Jan 3rd, 1998, 08:40 PM
Russ Pierson
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Best way to phone home to the US from abroad?

Any experiences with the best (and/or worst) ways to phone home (back to the USA), specifically from Israel? Prepaid phone card from a major carrier (AT&T, Sprint, MCI)? "Kallback" or a similar alternative service? I'm looking primarily at cost effectiveness and quality of the connection. Thanks!
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Jan 5th, 1998, 08:33 AM
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One more alternative is a telecard! All public pay phones are telecard (a plastic phone card) operated. Telecards come in various unit values (i.e. meter pulses). A 120 unit card will cost the equivalent of ca. $14. This is a very effective way to call abroad. Just insert the card and dial direct.
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Jan 5th, 1998, 05:34 PM
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I found that an AT&T Universal credit card worked wonderful to make phone calls from Egypt. It is a credit card and a phone card that is charged to your account. Since it was AT&T, I got pretty good rates too, but that is probably universal with most companies. The connections were great and I didn't have any trouble finding a phone to use.
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