Best place/country to visit in Africa?


Jul 23rd, 2005, 08:40 AM
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Best place/country to visit in Africa?

Looking for a good place to visit somewhere in Africa. I want to travel out there but don't know where to even being as far as deciding where to go or what to see. Also, when is the best time to go out there? Suggestions?
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Jul 23rd, 2005, 09:38 AM
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Africa is a vast continent.

It's not a homogenous entity but split into many countries and many regions all very very different. Morocco in the North bears very little resemblance to Mozambique in the South, for example.

You'll need to lay down some of what you're looking for if you want any useful responses on where to go. What is it you hope to experience? Wildlife? Cultures? Landscapes? Activities? Shopping? Architectural visits? I could go on.

Secondly, what kind of duration and budget are you considering? That would also allow people to give suggestions that might actually be feasible according to your schedule and finances.

And without first narrowing down where it is you want to visit no-one can tell you when the best time to go might be...

Best time for wildlife in Southern Africa is different from best time for wildlife elsewhere. Even within this one interest, it depends on whether you want to see specific animals and even whether you would like to see them giving birth or migrating or building nests. Best time for cultural visits depends on which peoples you want to visit and whether you are particularly drawn to any specific festivals or celebrations in their calendars. And there are best times too that depend on your preferences for heat or cold.

Share as much info as you can with us and I'm sure you'll get many more responses.

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