attn rgiampo1 or anyone,about video editing


Dec 23rd, 2005, 03:26 AM
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attn rgiampo1 or anyone,about video editing

hi, hope someone can lend a friend put in:NERO VISION EXPRESS3. i am just staring to get into this video thing. (have many tapes).
i have no plans on getting fancy. just want to cut out the crappy parts. so the question is:
how do you make the "cut out or trim cut" a piece out of the video work?
i'm watching the movie on the small sceen.the scissor button is as it's playing i click on it. when i click on it cut that portion out it says:
the cut region you selected is too large. the remaining segments would become ok to continue in cut mode, or cancel to abort cut operation.
ok so i have no idea how this works. my friend is not available this weekend. so maybe someone here could help.
oh by the way rgiampo1, watched the leopard video."NICE".
thx, david
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