ATM machines in South Africa, etc.?


Jan 6th, 1998, 09:29 PM
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ATM machines in South Africa, etc.?

Is it easy to find atms in South Africa in which to use our cirrus/plus cards to draw local currency?
We'll also be in Vic. Falls, Tanzania and Zanzibar, but are on our own mostly in S. Africa.
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Jan 7th, 1998, 07:44 AM
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I was last in South Africa last May enroute to Botswana. I know that there are working ATM machines at the Johannesburg airport. I would guess that they are distributed all over the country, although I cannot remember from an extensive road trip there five years ago.
There are ATM machines at VicFalls---right in the village.
Don't count on ATMs in Tanzania. There are none that I know of in Arusha or at the Kilimanjaro airport. Banking is so slow there that travel agencies charge 3%25 for cashing or accepting in payment your AmExp TC.
If you fly into Kenya, you can get money at several brands of ATMs at the Nairobi airport.
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