ATM in Cape Town, Durban


Aug 13th, 2001, 06:22 PM
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ATM in Cape Town, Durban

Hello, In most of SA ATM's will have no problem. They will provide you with South African rands. I never came across an ATM which was down. But always go by the travellers rule - never rely soley on electronic money. What do you mean by North of Durban? Most towns will have banks/ATMs, but if you are meaning rural village areas or the middle of the St Lucia Wetlands Park, then you might be out of luck. Also be aware of muggings/scams at ATM machines. Try and use them in well populated areas, if possible near the bank (during bank hours when a security guard is on duty). I have heard of scams where they jam something in the machine to make it swallow your card, and then they can pull it out and use it (don't know how they get the pin though or even if this story is true). What I do know is accurate, is that your biggest worry will be a mugging. For that purpose it is a good idea to have a "fake" wallet with minimum money inside to hand over should the occasion arise (which it won't if you are cautious). Keep your own money in a hidden place.
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