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Alice Oct 8th, 2000 08:30 PM

Are You a First Time Traveller to Egypt - Independently or with a Tour Group? CLICK HERE
I have finally completed writing all my notes, tips, and travel information for Egypt. They are compiled in 6 e-mails (Parts 1 - 4, 4 plus, and Part 5). I have written these over the course of several weeks and many of you have been receiving the "chapters" pretty sporadically. These are not necessarily "what I saw and did" memoirs, but more along the lines of what to take, things to expect, how-to information, etc that might make your travels in Egypt less stressful and more enjoyable. Some of the info can be found in guide books but most is what I gained from first hand experience.(This was my first trip. I traveled over there by myself for 6 days and then joined up with a tour group.) <BR> <BR>These are some of the subjects I cover: WHAT TO TAKE, CURRENCY, VISAS, KLM, TRAFALGAR TOURS, THE WINDSOR HOTEL, THE OASIS HOTEL, ALEXENDRIA, ABU SIMBEL, SHOPPING/BARGAINING, SOUVENIRS, <BR>ABU SIMBEL (how to get there without paying the rip-off prices charged by tour groups), LIQUOR/WINE (especially during Ramadan), GETTING AROUND, CAMEL RIDES, FELLUCA RIDES, PAPYRUS, FOOD, SAFETY, VIDEO CAMERAS, WHAT TO EXPECT ON A NILE CRUISE (dress, meals, tours, etc.), and More. <BR> <BR>I am sure there will be a Part 6 as even now I have realized a few things I should have mentioned, and I get queries from those who have already received these "notes" on topics that I didn't cover or didn't go into in depth. <BR> <BR>Please write me at the above address and I'll be happy to send them along. (Isn't e-mail GREAT!) <BR> <BR>I wish you all a great time planning and the SAFEST of travels. Alice <BR>

Alice Oct 8th, 2000 09:48 PM

Oooops. Gave you the wrong address. Should have been ([email protected]). Jeeeez! <BR> <BR>

Callahan Oct 9th, 2000 07:45 AM

In Jan 2000 will be making trip (Egypt)with Elderhostel. I will appreciate any info. you can offer. Let me thank you for your very nice offer.

Africa Oct 9th, 2000 07:57 AM

Alice I have a suggestion for you: Why won't you post your report on this forum. There are many people who would like to get some ideas from you even if they do not think about going to Egypt for a while. We, for instance, would love to go but are concerned about safety issues. Would love to read your report right here on this forum. Thank you

E.G. Oct 9th, 2000 01:15 PM

going to Egypt in a couple of weeks-would appreciate your words of wisdom Thanks.

betty boop Oct 9th, 2000 08:24 PM

Please post your notes! I would enjoy reading them.. I went to Egypt last year and am curious to read your thoughts. Thanks!

Karen Oct 10th, 2000 12:17 AM

Alice, <BR>Please do us all a favor and post your notes. First-hand experiences & insights are highly appreciated on this forum. I leave for Egypt in less than 2 weeks and I am sure there are things I need to know that I haven't thought to ask. <BR>Thanks for any help. <BR>Karen

Alice Oct 10th, 2000 05:51 PM

To everyone who responded above: I did start out responding on this forum to queries about traveling in Egypt, but found myself repeating the same thing to different people. This is when the idea of writing e-mails which I could save and then send off quickly at anytime from now until the next Millennium. And THEY ARE SOOO LONG. I spent an average 3 hours or more on each and there are 6 of those prescious jewels. I just liked the idea of people having these notes compiled in some semblance of order. <BR> <BR>You'll see what I mean when I send them along to you. I really enjoy the interaction that happens on this forum and do check back often. In fact it was a couple of travellers who begin to ask questions that finally lit a fire under my keyboard and got me typing (obviously from the comment above I am not a fast typest!!). Another reason is I NEED SPELLCHECK!!!! Later...Alice <BR>

Alice Oct 10th, 2000 06:08 PM

E.G., I couldn't get through to the e-mail address you gave above. Callahan and Karen, your notes are on the way. <BR>

Alice Oct 10th, 2000 06:25 PM

Well, I spoke too soon. Karen, your e-mail didn't go through either. Maybe it would be better if you would e-mail me DIRECT for the notes ([email protected]) and that way I can just click on your address and not have to rely on these tired ol' eyes to copy from your replies. Again, later...Alice <BR>

Dianne Oct 11th, 2000 09:37 AM

Hi Alice, <BR> <BR>Please send me a copy. I've been to Egypt, but would love to take another trip there. Thanks. <BR> <BR>

joy Oct 11th, 2000 03:36 PM

My life long dream...Egypt. Does one go in March, April or June. How long should I plan for, 11 days, 16? What tour did you use, I have never used a tour, always drive, but don't want the stress here. What was the cost? I want a mid-high range. For my dream vacation I want it all. I want hear everything you have to say. Please respond as I want to plan this trip for March, April or June of 2001. Thanks JOy

Alice Oct 11th, 2000 06:51 PM

Joy, I went at the end of last year (Dec./Jan.) so can't speak for those particular months (but from what I've read it's really hot then). I went with Trafalgar Tours, cost was somewhat inflated due to the time (ie Millennium) so what was originally around US$1600 finally cost me about $2300. Don't even ask what I paid in airfare!!! I think most of the tour groups that have been mentioned on this forum are pretty reasonable. The tour was for 11 days but I was on my own for an extra 6. If you have the time I wouldn't go for any less than two weeks. I would loved to have had more time on the Nile and the sites along it. It's pretty rushed, rushed, but they want you to see as much as possible. You are one tired puppy at the end of the day. It's a miracle to get two words written in your journal! I'll get the notes off to you and maybe they'll help you decide on a timeline. <BR>

ginger Oct 13th, 2000 04:05 PM

My husband and I are traveling to Egypt 3/01 with Grand Circle tours. We would appreciated any information you can send us. <BR>Thank you

Jo Oct 14th, 2000 07:38 AM

Abu Simbel <BR>We are going on Trafalgar to Egypt in Nov. and want to go to Abu Simbel. The tour is charging $270 each. Does any one know how to book a trip before we leave or when we get there? If we have to we'll go with our tour but it seems like a lot of money. <BR>Any hints are greatly appreciated. <BR>Also, on the Nile cruises do you have to get dressed for dinner -or is it casual at all times? <BR>Thanks Jo

Joanne Oct 14th, 2000 07:46 AM

Hi Alice <BR>I sent you an email asking for your notes but it was returned undeliverable so I resent it. If you did not receive it , please send me your notes if you have time. [email protected] <BR>Looking forward to hearing from you especially about Abu Simbel Thanks <BR>Joanne <BR>

Alice Oct 14th, 2000 12:20 PM

Hi Joanne, Yes I just received your e-mail and am sending off a bunch of them in just moments. The answers to your questions above about Abu Simbel and dress on the cruise is just one of the MANY topics included in my notes. If you have any more questions after going over them let me know. (And, Ginger, yours will be in this bunch.) <BR> <BR>Best Regards, Alice <BR>

M&J Oct 15th, 2000 01:13 PM

We have read all five of Alice's extensive notes and they are fantastic! <BR>Just want to "publically" says thanks again,Alice. <BR>

Alice Oct 15th, 2000 01:33 PM

You are very welcome. I really had a great time writing them and am delighted to be able to share them so easily with so many travellers. <BR>

jon Oct 17th, 2000 08:59 AM

Alice, <BR>I'm hoping to surprise my wife with an anniversery trip to Egypt(28yrs) and would greatly appreciate receiving a copy of your journal. <BR>Thanks, <BR>Jon

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