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Jun 3rd, 2003, 08:54 AM
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Arabic, Egyptian

Hi, My name is Ashley I'm 14 yrs. old and from Texas. I would love to learn how to speak Arabic, Egyptian. I want to go to Egypt one day soon. I also would like to have a egyptian penpal, please e-mail me if you can help.
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Jun 5th, 2003, 09:53 AM
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Well I am glad to see you are developing an interest in culture and language at such an early age, believe me, it will pay large dividends when you are finnally able to see the places you spent so long waiting for. (Much like I did with Germany after studying the langauge since the age of 12).

As far as Egyptian Arabic goes, I would recommend learning MSA first (Modern Standard Arabic). The reason? Because it is much more widely spoken and Egyptians will be able to understand you fine due to the amount of TV broadcast in MSA throughout the country. As you get more involved in your Egypt trip planning you will see that your Middle East travels will soon be expanded to the likes of Jordan, Lebbanon and Syria and a good background in MSA is just the thing.

To accomplish this, I would first recommend starting with the Berlitz language CD, which will run you about $20. Overall, it gives you a good overview of the langauge and will test the waters to guage your interest without spending a bundle of money. To study, listen to it section by section over and over and over and over and over again until you are sick of it and then repeat. After a while you will notice that you have almost memorized the CD, but more importantely you will begin to notice how you respond to the "dialog" sections when you hear how inefficient their dialog is.

With this, start by learning the basic, hello, goodbye, thank you, please, etc. Then expand to learn how to say I want/I need. These words are important because they give you the cornerstone to getting around. From there, learn the words for "a plate" "a glass" "tea" "milk" etc, and just put your vocabulary together.

In conjunction with this step, I would recommend obtaining some Arabic music either via CD or download on the internet. Off the top of my head, I recommend Punta Cayna (sp?) Arabic Groove CD, which I enjoy a lot!

Also, get the gauge on how your family feels about your new found interest and see if they would support you through ordering an Arabic language package on Direct TV or similar. The music and TV viewing will really help you to pick up dialog and common usage words.

Finnally, and this is how I learned my Arabic (in Dallas no less), try to enroll in a continuing education class through a local college. For example, SMU offers a one night a week group course for $99 a pop. Also, you might want to look into a private lesson through a Berlitz or Inlingua language school, although this is a VERY pricey option.

Good luck on your studies. Remember, Arabic is one of the most difficult langauges you can attempt to learn, so it takes a lot of time and effort.
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Jun 9th, 2003, 08:25 AM
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Hey Ashley, I'm from Texas, too. We lived in Cairo for 5 years (left last spring). Two of my kids graduated from school there. For a penpal, I'd recommend looking up the American school there...Cairo American College...Although it is American, there are many Egyptian students as well. I'm sure they could find someone for you.
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Jun 10th, 2003, 08:34 PM
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Thanks for the infomation!
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