Arab Emirates -- suggestions needed!!!


Jan 22nd, 1998, 05:51 AM
Mia Tønnessen
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Arab Emirates -- suggestions needed!!!

I've been invited to Abu Dhabi and Muscat for Easter, but what is there to do and see? (Except for the women in veil and the powerful men in their costumes.)
Any tips for cultural sights? Historical places? What specialties to eat and drink? What do I as a blond Scandinavian woman wear (so that I don't get mistaken for being one of the Russian females who visit the country a lot...)
Happy to receive any suggestions!
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Mar 23rd, 1998, 07:23 AM
Joe Eral
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I lived in the UAE for two years and loved it!!! It is a culturally rich and beautiful place.Are you going to visit a local family??? Muscat is also nice for diving. Feel free to send me a note if you want specifics... The Lebanese food was my favorite followed by he Indian food which can be spicy at times. Good luck on your visit...Joe
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Mar 29th, 1998, 03:27 AM
G. Dayton
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UAE : Wadi Bashing, Beaches, Gold souks, Shopping, shopping, Shopping.
Oman : Miles and miles of beach, Diving in Indian Ocean, many historical sights, Mountains, Salalah. Spent more time here.
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May 14th, 1998, 04:19 AM
Helen Scott
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not much you can do about being mistaken for a Russian working girl, but as a redheaded australian I have to live with it. Currently live in Abu Dhabi and agree with the other comments - lots to do in UAE. Hell, give me a call when you get here - what I lack in local knowledge I make up for with a broad range of friends who have lived here for a while. ps - you know it's really hot don't you? it's May 14th and is low 40's and this is just the beginning of summer.
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