Anything I should know about the Lebanon?


Jan 21st, 1999, 01:16 AM
George Holt
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Anything I should know about the Lebanon?

One of the options I'm considering this year is to tour the Lebanon with Kuoni, probably August/September time. Its quite pricey so its just an option but I'd be pleased to hear any (constructive) advice from anyone who's done this tour or had experience recently in the Lebanon.

The tour includes breakfast and lunch but not dinner. Anyone have info on how much I should expect to pay to eat out and have a beer in the evening, nothing lavish just something to keep body and soul together overnight.
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Jun 2nd, 1999, 09:53 AM
Kareem Saad
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Although you're considering a tour in Lebanon with Kuoni, I strongly recommend a new "Lebanon" guide published by Lonely planet. It's the most complete and comprehensive guide to date. I believe they had published a Syria-Lebanon-Jordan guide first before coming up with a new version devoted to Lebanon exclusively.

This guide is the most recently published, which is important in the case of a country such as Lebanon which is recovering from war at a fast pace and therefore rapidly changing. You'll find plenty of information of the practical nature you might seek.
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