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Anybody else notice how expensive South Africa has become???

Anybody else notice how expensive South Africa has become???

Feb 17th, 2003, 06:15 AM
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According to Selwyn "If you want to really experience a great safari at a great price an NOT a canned one at a huge rip off price then visit the game reserves and not game farms ON YOU OWN". Using this same logic, why would anyone hire a tour guide for a visit to Cape Town or a tour of the Garden Route? The wealth of knowledge provided by a qualified ranger is invaluable. What a shame for someone to invest in the cost of a trip to Africa, and then risk the chance of not seeing any animals because they were trying to save a few bucks.
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Feb 17th, 2003, 09:06 AM
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What you say in your mail is 100% correct. I agree fully with your analysis of not hiring a ranger and why should one hire a Cape Town guide. I also agree with what you say when you mention that it would be a shame to not hire a ranger when one has spent so much to travel to Africa.

Now I ask you to go back to my mail and read the opening line to what I suggested when I said “ With the above said may I make some important suggestion with regard to how to save on your SA journey.

OSC when you have had the experience that I have had of helping so many people with advice before coming to Cape Town you soon realise that the travel world is made up of many kinds of people when it comes to who can afford what. When it comes to advice the one point that virtually always comes up is “how can I obtain the best value for money”. My mail in this thread addresses this issue. The mail does not home in on what is the best type of tour that can be done; it is directed at those who cannot afford a ranger or as per your mail a Cape Town tour guide. Believe me there are many people in the world who fall into this category. With that said my advice to a potential SA traveller is to rather come to Cape Town and go on a safari without a guide or ranger but don’t forego the ride for the reason that you cannot afford the ranger or guide because there ARE other ways of being able to see the territory. My mail tries to help the potential South African traveller to do just this.

By you writing about hiring a Cape Town or Garden Route tourguide you are obviously directing your statement directly at the services that I offer and in this regard I could not care less if the person seeking advice tours with me or not. What I do care about is that they visit my country and that has been, and always will be my attitude in this forum and all other areas where I help those who want to visit SA.

In finality all I can say is that it certainly would be a shame if visitors to SA don’t hire a ranger for a safari or a tourguide in Cape Town however it would be a much greater shame if they decided not to come to SA at all only because they could not afford a ranger or guide and never realised that they could do a lower grade safari or Cape Town tour by themselves.

Hope this sets the record straight.

Selwyn Davidowitz
[email protected]
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Mar 1st, 2003, 08:14 AM
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Just a little more research on the currency fluctuations.

On March 01, 2002, 1 Euro was worth 9.83 Rand.

On March 01, 2003, 1 Euro is worth 8.73 Rand, a decrease of 11% over the last year.

On March 01, 2002, 1 USD was worth 11.42 Rand.

On March 01, 2003, 1 USD is worth 8.11 Rand, a decrease of 41% over the last year.

Remarkably, the Euro bought significantly less Rand last year than the USD, but now the Euro buys more Rand than the USD.

A little more research:

On March 01, 2002, 1 USD bought 1.15 Euro.

On March 01, 2003, 1 USD buys 0.93 Euro, a 24% decrease.

I used to dabble in the stock market but have shied away since NASDAQ went from 5,000 down to 1,300. Fortunately I pulled whatever I had in there by the time it hit 4000.

Back then, I knew that when one part of the world was doing poorly, that another part of the world was doing well, but I didn't understand exactly how. Unfortunately, even so-called international mutual funds still have a very large amount of American stocks (for "stability", HA!).

Well, an American would have been well served instead of buying international mutual funds to instead have bought South African or even European currency.

It seems that unless you are an American that is making bombs, missiles or fighter jets, that your pocketbook has taken a substantial hit with the downturn of the economy (and I am no different).

I will definitely do more research on international currencies. Seems to me like the dollar will suffer for another year before it rebounds. Too bad I don't have more dollars to dump right now in some foreign currency in a less war-hungry country.
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