And finally, one last question, I promise!


Apr 20th, 2004, 08:00 PM
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And finally, one last question, I promise!

Over and over, you read posts that note how expensive the Seychelles are, only for people with lots of time and money, etc.

If you found a vacation package (from a relatively reputable travel source) for $3500 for two people, flying out of New York, stopping in London, then on to Mahe, including round-trip airfare and 7 nights accommodations in Mahe, would you take it?

Is this a safe, or foolish, bet? Our total budget is about $3500. So we'd strech on food or activities, but we're not extravagant people. Please advise!
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Apr 21st, 2004, 03:31 AM
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lynnejoel - the price is good, no doubt, but where will you be staying? Is the 7-days on just one island? Does it include breakfast and/or any other meals? Does the hotel have air conditioning? What time of year is this package available - they do have a "rainy season" (not sure which months). These are especially important questions.

Time of year is important, a/c is very important year-round as it is hot and humid both runing in the 90s. And meals are expensive if purchased on an a la carte basis. As an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, eveything gets shipped in. And from New York, you have a 7+ hr. flight to London and flight time of over 10-hrs from London onto Mahe.

If during your 7-days, you schedule day-tours, these can run $100+/person (but usually include lunch); while half-day tours run at least $50/person.

If staying on only one island and have to get to Praslin, there's airfare to consider, though there are regular flights. Ferry service costs less, but takes almost 3-hrs. Ideally, you should spend time on at least two islands - Praslin 4 to 5-days - giving you the opportunity to do a day-trip to LaDigue by ferry (no cars allowed on this island) and is about 45-mins from Praslin. And from Praslin there are great day trips to other smaller islands. Then balance of your time on Mahe, where they offer some interesting day-tours or you can rent a car and discover the island on your own. You can't get lost, but driving is on the left.

My questions would be, just how much more out-of-pocket money will I be spending to fully enjoy these islands. Of course, one doesn't have to stay at the newest and most expensive accommodations available on these islands, but you do want something decent - as there are may guesthouses and these certainly wouldn't be my choice.

The Seychelles are a good choice if you're already in Europe (and with that it's still a long trip); these islands are ideal if coming off a Safari in East Africa (and even from South Africa) a great way to relax after safari.

While we loved our time here, and the beaches are beautiful and the granite rock formations on LaDigue are found nowhere else in the world - would we have done this trip solely from the States. No! For us it came down to "it's a long way to go for a beach, even if beautiful and different" - especially when we have access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the States or nearby Caribbean.

There are some amazing islands in the Caribbean that few people visit, that can easily compare to the Seychelles, except for the Granite Islands.

It's still your choice.

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