american female travelling to jordan solo?

Mar 20th, 2005, 07:52 AM
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american female travelling to jordan solo?

I am leaving for Jordan the end of this week and most people I tell think i'm crazy. I am 26 years old and I am American and i'm travelling solo. Can someone tell me honestly that It's ok for me to go. My heart is set on going to Jordan to see the country and meet a man I met on the internet. Yes, mostly to meet the man but now I'm very interested in the country too.
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Mar 20th, 2005, 12:52 PM
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sheshee - you were perfectly safe traveling to Jordan solo...

... until you mentioned that you'd be meeting a man you met on the Internet. STAY HOME!. Remember, Jordan is one of those countries that still has "honor killings."
Mar 21st, 2005, 07:32 PM
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It can be very risky as an American woman to go to Jordan to meet a man.

Marriage in certain Middle Eastern countries may not always be completely voluntary. If married, a woman may not be allowed to leave the country.

Would encourage you to research yourself before you decide.
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Mar 21st, 2005, 08:34 PM
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I too am going to Egypt and Jordan in October 2005. I don't know anything about you, but I do have a daughter your age. Although she is grown and can pretty much do what she wants, I would discourage her from going especially because if she is meeting a man. I would'nt trust the internet to save my life. I have traveled most of the world in my 48 years being on this earth. I would really do my homework before you venture out. I just lost my mother who was my travel partner for fifteen years. Please think of your mother and family, especially your mom. If something was to happen to you or you couldn't get back home, they would be very unhappy. I am a black female and I am still worried. Please take this mother's advice, do some more research get some advice from your own mother if you can.
Good Luck.
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Jun 16th, 2005, 06:28 PM
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Thank you everyone for your replys. This is what i didn't want to hear and hoping i wouldn't hear, but kind of expecting to hear this.

I did go and I had a wonderful time and made it back safe and sound and in love and missing Jordan every minute. I did see a lot of tourists there, mostly europeans, only a handful of americans.
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Jun 16th, 2005, 09:21 PM
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Glad it worked out.
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Aug 2nd, 2005, 06:34 PM
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Hi! When I read your post I could have sworn those were my words! I am 29 years old, I plan on traveling to Jordan alone in September 2005, and I too am excited to explore the country and also meet a special someone I met on the internet. I would love any feedback or advice you can share with me on your experience....did you encounter resistance from you family, as I am, if so, how did you handle it.

I'm excited to hear back from you, please let me know. Thanks much!
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Aug 9th, 2005, 11:57 PM
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I had to respond to this post - as they are from March, I hope the 2 women requesting information read this information.

I'm american woman living in Middle East (4 years) and have recently been to Jordan (Petra, Dead Sea, Jerash). All of these places are a must sea and the country is absolutely beautiful. In terms of the people - they are by far the most gracious and friendliest in the Middle East.

Having said that, it is also a country that houses displaced Palestinians (some not to keen for Americans) and other freedom fighters that have been known to have terrorist connections. I'm not saying do not go - but have a plan and go with a man (friend, relative or other). Definitely do not go there to meet a man. I would be cautious doing this in the States - let alone a Middle Eastern Country!!!! Also, keep in mind - you will not have any protective rights that you are so used to in America.

I can not stress this enough - do not go to Jordan (or any other place where you have no rights/support system) to meet a man that you know only through the Internet.
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Aug 10th, 2005, 01:02 AM
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AB you are two month's too late. If you read the posts above yours you'll see a post made on her return.

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Sep 28th, 2005, 07:21 AM
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dear jcamp... I'm too late!!! I just wrote a loooong reply on here, but obviously it didn't save. erg!

I hope you did go to Jordan and I hope you had a beautiful time like I did. I would like to know about your trip too but, please email me at [email protected] I'll tell you all about my trip too. I even plan on going back there again, this time i'll bring friends with me. I have so much to say to you and if I start writing on here, it might turn out to be a book eventually. ~
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Sep 28th, 2005, 07:37 AM
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I do have a question for the AdventureBound lady, if you don't mind... what made you move to the middle east?

And yes jcamp, i had major resistance from my mother (doesn't help when i'm an only child)! She even went so far as to bring me to a psychologist which really had me questioning my own sanity. What a confusing world we live in.
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