Allergies in Tanzania and Kenya?


May 19th, 2005, 05:10 PM
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Allergies in Tanzania and Kenya?

I haven't been able to find much info on this topic - one of the people we are travelling with has very strong allergies to insect bites. It's not so dreadful as dying from a wasp bite, but she swells up a lot and it takes a long time to come off. How is the situation in East Africa? We'll be doing the Northern circuit in Tanzania, with Masai Mara and Amboseli in Kenya. Has anyone traveled there and had any allergic episodes? Is it better/worse than US Northeast (they live in New Hampshire). She's checking with her doctor, but i wanted to find out and first-hand experiences. Being far away from medical care is a concern - not so much that she will die, but interrupting the trip that everyone has traveled so far to get to. She is considering not going for everyone else's sake.
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May 20th, 2005, 04:54 AM
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lerasp -

I don't believe anyone can guarantee one won't be bitten by something - mossies, bees, others - most people aren't. But if your friend has this problem, she should use her insect repellent and be traveling with antibiotics or an Epi-pen. Her physician should advise here. If traveling during the time of year when the mornings and nights are cold, it's unlikely that these flying things will be a problem; I don't recall any threads about people being bombarded with bites. Though tsetses can be a problem on the lowlands in some areas.

Regardless, you should all have membership in the Flying Doctor's Service should he need arise for transport to a hospital. Membership is only $25, and if not already included in the price, contact them at:

Also, most lodges/camps, either, have a physician on site, or available 24-hrs a day.
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May 20th, 2005, 10:51 AM
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We always travel with an epi-pen. Never had to use it but I have allergies and asthma. It is very easy to use - I am sure her Dr. will recommend one as well - with one on hand she shouldn't worry.
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