Allenby Bridge-Israel to Jordan

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Allenby Bridge-Israel to Jordan

We will be leaving Jerusalem on a Friday to go to Amman. Our travel agent tells us that we will have to make arrangements in Israel for the trip. <BR>Can anyone tell us what they think is the quickest, safest, least frustrating way to go from city to city. We are a bit concerned that it will be a religious day in Jordan which could be problematic. <BR>We appreciate any and all advise. <BR>
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Lee, trying to leave Jerusalem on a Friday afternoon could definitely cause you some problems. A good company in Israel is International, Roslyn Hershkovitz manager. <BR> <BR>I know you'll pay to exit Israel (I saw on the internet it was $50) the Jordan visa fee is $44, which you can get through the Consulate here before you go, then you'll pay a $7 fee to leave Jordan. There isno visa fee to enter Israel for U.S. Citizens. <BR> <BR>We weren't there long enough, but did get to walk up Mt. Nebo(easy walk) and see Petra. <BR> <BR>Rosemary <BR> <BR>
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We had the same issue last year. <BR>With only a few days to spare on the end of our Jordanian Tour, we hitched a ride with the tour bus to Jerusalem. Allenby Bridge was a bit of a hassle as the tour leader suggested that at least 1 member of the party would be challenged. This wasn't too bad as all they had to do was wait an extra hour or so whilst some mythical "passport irregularity" was "investigated". <BR> <BR> <BR>After a fantastic time in Jerusalem including a walking tour of the old city , we too were looking for a hassle free return to Amman. We checked out a few busses and in the end decided it was just as easy to take a taxi to the Allenby Bridge ( a bit expensive on the Sabbath but pretty straightforward) <BR>The visa formalities were pretty simple though if I recall , as non-US citizens, there was a pretty hefty exit fee. <BR> <BR>A quick bus ride accross "no mans land" then another check in at Jordaninan Customs. Fairly prompt service then a JD$15 or so taxi ride to Amman. <BR> <BR>All up from Jerusalem to Amman, about 3 hours. I guess the only disconcerting thing for me was having to hand my luggage to the porter outside. After a few mild protestations, it was explained that this was just a security measure so that the bags would be passed around the outside of the terminal to the exit gate for collection. With the number of security guards with guns that I saw, I don't think there was much chance of anyone stealing the luggage! <BR> <BR>regards <BR>Steve <BR> <BR>
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In case other people ask the same question... No Jordanian Visas are available at the Allenby/Hussein Bridge. You must obtain your visa in advance. You should investigate whether the crossing closes down early on a Friday (muslim day of worship), such as 1 p.m. Lonely Planet Jerusalem (I read all sorts of guides) provides more details on independent crossing the border. You can catch a service taxi at a specific Jerusalem city gate (forget which one), arrive at the border, cross the border in the mandatory shuttle bus (apparently no one allowed to cross on foot), then catch another service taxi to Amman. There are apparently two types of taxis, one much more expensive than the other, and that is the difference. (JD15 to from the border to Amman seems really high, from what I've read.) Leaving Israel you pay an estimated 140 NIS departure tax which is much higher than other border crossings because the tax is shared between the Palestinian and Israeli authorities. If you travel from Amman to the Allenby/Hussein Bridge crossing on the JETT bus, the shuttle bus crossing is supposed to be included in the cost of your ticket, though I haven't done this myself. When you leave Jordan for Israel you pay a JD 6 (I think) departure tax.
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Thanks everyone for your invaluable first-hand information.

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