All recent visitors to the Masai Mara


Oct 5th, 2003, 11:26 AM
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All recent visitors to the Masai Mara

The new game report is up on the Governors Camp website. It is really wonderful. I've posted a link to get you there right away.
Of course, bear in mind that we left on the 11th of September, when you read about the major crossing on the 12th. #39;( #39;( #39;(
We don't remember the Paradise crossing, do any of you recent returnees know where it is? I would imagine it is closer to Governors Camp than Serena Lodge but I don't know that. Liz
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Oct 5th, 2003, 01:21 PM
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Hi Liz!! I am sure someone will correct me on this, but it is to my understanding that there are three prime locations that crossings take place: Paradise, Middle and Lower. I don't know what proximity any are to Governor's so I can't help with that, I am sorry to say. Don't lament that you weren't there on the 12th ... just think, if you had changed your itinerary any, you maybe would not have seen either "Kavey" or "Susan" and that would have been a travesty!
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Oct 5th, 2003, 01:38 PM
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You're too much. Waaaaay tooo much!
The two crossings where you can see the Mara Serena up on the hill are called the Serena crossings. I know there is another further away by about 20 minutes and that must be the lower crossing. The Paradise crossing was never referred to as that by our guide as I think back.
By the way, the next time we saw the giraffes a couple of days after the naming ceremony, Isaac, our guide, saw Pete first and said "Pete" to himself. Then he turned to me and said "Kavey"? I think he questioned the pronunciation because he may never have heard the name before. But he really did remember. I called the Cheetah, Susan so many times that we all called her Susan. We saw the Cheetah every day, but not the Giraffes. You're right though, our trip was so good the way it was that we also would definately have missed the Serval cat. I still am in awe that we saw her. Thats who I should have named Susan. I was just so stunned as she calmly walked by that we had to dash to catch up to get some pictures of her. Right there out in the open too.
I think the later trips are the better. You saw your crossing in late September and in October or November is the real biggy. All of the Wildebeests just break into a run one day following the lead male, and start for the Mara River, they don't even stop, they just jump in and the crossing takes about 6 or 8 hours. Hundreds if a thousand die on that one and they keep running strong until they get to the border of Tanzania. They run 1,000 miles a day, stopping at night to rest. Wouldn't that be stunning to see? Much harder to catch because there is no warning. Liz
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