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demitademi Dec 5th, 2008 12:25 PM

African Play List
Hi gang,
I will post my trip report. Really I will. But I'm a procrastinator. :D And I'm still daydreaming about my trip. So I was thinking about my pictures... which I have yet to upload, and the music I would put to them or just play to remember (sniff) my recent travels by.

I just came back from Rwanda and Tanzania. I've only 3 songs in mind so far:
1. "Jambo" ('Jambo... jambo bwana... habari gani... nzuri sana!...' They played that EVERYwhere we went!)
2. "Baby Elephant Walk" =)
3. "Lala Salama" (the good night song I believe)

What else would you add to an "Africa" playlist? =)

CarlaM Dec 5th, 2008 12:31 PM

I love the theme song from Out of Africa. Tom (cary999) used it on one of his DVD's and it's still my favorite.

cary999 Dec 5th, 2008 11:21 PM

A few for your list that I use as DVD background music for slides-

The Lion Sleeps Tonight Beach Boys
The Wah-Watusi The Orlons
God Bless Africa
Hatari, The Sounds of Hatari, by Mancini from the Movie Hatari
Songs by Oliver Mtukudzi e.g. Raki, Todii, Mutserendende.

regards - tom

hguy47 Dec 6th, 2008 07:55 AM

For our slide show and video, I also used some songs from "The Lion King" (Hakuna Matata, Circle of Life, Shadowland, several other good choices), a few by Ladysmith Black Mombazo, and "Africa" by Toto

You can also look on for some CD's with traditional African tribal music.

Have fun.

uhoh_busted Dec 7th, 2008 09:07 AM

I've got a Mac and kind of gone nutsy with making DVDs to play on our HDTV.

For my Africa pics I used:

Paul Simon's "Diamonds on the Souls of her Shoes" with background by Ladysmith Black Mambo.

Ramsey Lewis Trio playing "The In Crowd"

Horace Silver's "Senor Blues"

and "First Light" by Freddie Hubbard

uhoh_busted Dec 7th, 2008 09:10 AM

oops, that should have been Ladysmith Black Mombazo!

ShayTay Dec 7th, 2008 03:41 PM

You can find compilations of African music in the World music section of your local music store. That can turn up some great songs. For the "Jambo" song, you can find it and others on a CD by the Safari Sound Band. I think you can get it via Amazon or other online music retailers.

scootr29 Dec 7th, 2008 06:22 PM

I have posted this before but Paul Simon's Graceland CD reminds me of Africa everytime I listen to it. It is just a really good CD.

demitademi Dec 8th, 2008 08:36 AM

All really great suggestions. =)

Uhoh_busted - which application do you use to make your dvds? Anyone know of a good one for PCs, too?

Thanks =)

cary999 Dec 8th, 2008 09:03 AM

I use a PC, for making DVDs from photos and videos I use Proshow Gold or Proshow Producer

They offer free 15 day trial, sells for $70.
It is very easy to use, I learned it without hardly ever looking at the manual. It is very very versatile. Works with stills/slides or videos. All the effects you can imagine for stills/slides and video, editing video, cropping, Ken Burns effect, color correction, zooms, fades, captions, add sound, just to start naming a few.

You put it together then can burn it to DVD to play on any TV DVD player. Or other formats for PC.

It will also put your slides up as HD on a HD TV if you interface the TV with a PC. I have not done this but safarichuck does. I'd be interested in hearing details on doing this Chuck if you read this. My TV is HD and I now have a PC connected to it for games. Using VGA interface (I think) from a PC video card. Other digital inputs on the TV (Panasonic plasma), been a couple years, I'll have to review them.

regards - tom

uhoh_busted Dec 9th, 2008 07:48 PM

demitademi - I use iPhoto to build the slideshows, then use iDVD to finalize it all. (I've got a mac and it was in the package that came with the Mac. I've since updated these applications, which now lets me make wide-screen versions.)

Most of the music we've either had on CDs, or I've purchased through iTunes. I haven't used a PC since I retired in 2005.

safarichuck Dec 10th, 2008 04:50 AM

Hi Tom,
Yes I agree Pro Show Gold by Photodex is a wonderful program and the results are awesome when coupled to a high def Television. The trick is that when you go to save your file, you must save it as an executible file and use the highest resolution settings allowed on that page. In other words, at the top of the home page at the very end of the toolbar, three options are grouped together (autorun CD, Executable, and Screensaver), select Executable and then go to the options page. I worked out the correct settings with ProShow (on the telephone) and it works beautifully. Tom, I'll email you all the settings-I took a picture of the screen so it will be later today when I can download it and get it off. Regards-Chuck

To the original poster: I'm a Paul Simon kind of guy o Daimonds on the Soles of Her Shoes is a great one. But I have used "Sounds of the Jungle Plain and Bush" which is a CD of actual animals (lion, hyena, zebra etc) available from Amazon dot com. Lots of fun to sync these sounds with certain pictures (lions mating is good for laughs).

aknards Dec 10th, 2008 06:11 AM

ok, i'll try to keep this brief...

one of my favorite artists is Marie Daulne, otherwise known as "Zap Mama." her story is as amazing as her music. she was born in zaire, her father belgian and her mother bantu. simba rebels murdered her father when she was three years old. her mother fled with the children into the jungle where they were sheltered by pygmies. eventually they made their way to brussels where daulne grew up.

her music blends ancestral melodies, vocalizations and beat with modern european/western influences (jazz, r&b, etc.) it's wonderful, original, really beautiful. her older works are primarily acapella; for a more contemporary introduction to zap you might try "ancestry in progress."


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