africa safaris


Jan 9th, 2006, 02:18 PM
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africa safaris

hello everyone
have spent hours upon hours reading this site and have to admit that i am still stumped on how safari's work. i am going to africa end of Feb 2006, looking to travel about for 8-10 i am NOT only going for safari strictly.

what i am not clear on is, everyone lists the camps/lodges they stay at, but if your going with a tour operator, don't they alrady have the camps set for you and you go where they have previous arrangments made??

i am looking for an inexpensive but great operator for a safari around kenya & Tanzania-raeding show roy safari's, sunny safari's, good earth tours for TZ & Sunvil Africa team, Vintage Africa for kenya...can anyone recommend any others I shuold review for BUDGET accomodation??

seriously confused canadian!!
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Jan 9th, 2006, 03:24 PM
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A lot of the posters here are on their second, third, 50th, 51st safari and are often keen to book just exactly the trip they have in mind - just the right camp/ lodge in just the right location at just the right time of year for whatever their particular preferences are... so we'll research all the variables like crazy, put together our ideal itineraries, or more likely our top 3 variations, and then get an agent or three to price them for us.

Many many agents offer tailored private itineraries.

The other option is to do the whole thing independently - self-drive or book one's own flight/ coach/ taxi transfers, book accommodation and guides and drivers and activities independently and directly and put together one's own itinerary.

Another option might be to get an agent to put together tailored private itinerary but for a private group rather than just one or two individuals - getting more people together would bring prices down for aspects such as transport and even for some accommodation.

Cheapest is likely to be preset departures with groups on preset itineraries. The operators will be able to offer lower prices because of bulk discounts they can negotiate from sheer numbers of visitors in each group and number of groups over the season.

There are pros and cons to each path and many of us here don't restrict ourselves to just one.
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Jan 9th, 2006, 03:28 PM
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PS I can't help with more specifics as I've not got enough experience in Kenya and Tanzania. I went to both on one trip in my teens (a couple of decades back) and to Kenya on one short trip in 2004.

I did do a budget trip to South Africa in 2004 also - this is a GREAT country for budget travellers - sooooo much variety, such great value, just wonderful so if you decide to do a budget trip there, ping me in another thread or via email!


Oh and incase you haven't come across it, Lonely Planet also have a discussion board and it's more lively in terms of discussions on budget overlanding trips which are the best for low budget value so it's an excellent resource to add to this one.
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Jan 9th, 2006, 03:42 PM
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As Kavey mentioned, you'll find that many here like to plan custom itineraries choosing the exact locations, number of days and camps/lodges to stay in.

Since you have 8-10 weeks and are leaving next month, I assume you're planning to book after arrival? For budget operators, I've heard good comments about Sunny Safaris in Tanzania and Gametrackers in Kenya. For a last minute safari, you are likely to go with whichever camps/lodges the tour operator has lined up already (or wherever they can find space available).

The cheapest option is usually joining other travelers on a budget camping safari (figure around $100 per person per day assuming a group safari with a reputable operator - there are some operators that will quote less than that amount but be very careful who you deal with).

And definitely check the Lonely Planet Thorntree board for more ideas.
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