Advice on Visiting Pryramids


May 29th, 2004, 04:30 AM
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Advice on Visiting Pryramids

We're visitng Israel during the Christmas break and want to visit Egypt to see the Pyramids. Would love advice about how long we need and the best way to do this -- advice on hiring a guide or which tour company to hire.

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May 29th, 2004, 01:03 PM
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The post above (Tempo Tours) lists two in-country tour operators you can contact to work out an itinerary for the number of days you would spend in Egypt.

As to how to get there - both El Al and Egypt Air have flights between Tel Aviv and Cairo. But both airlines don't fly the same days, and prices can vary depending on whether you buy the ticket in conjunction with the ticket that gets you to Israel or not. I vaguely remember a price of about $200 r/t, if you buy it seperately, but you'd have to reverify the current price.
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Jun 1st, 2004, 08:23 PM
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Once you are in Cairo, you could easily spend 3-4 days in Cairo itself. There's so much to see in Cairo (The Museum, the bazaars in Khan-el-Khalili, the mosques, apart from the Pyramids itself). The best time to see the Pyramids is at dusk - you could plan to get to Giza (which is about 15 kms from the city center) by around 4 PM, walk around for a couple of hours and then sit back for the Sound and Light Show. In mid-day, the light is quite harsh, though I'm not sure what the temperature will be like in Dec.

You could actually do without a guide for places like the Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum. If you do want one, tt the site, there will be plenty guides who offer their services at a decent rate (just hang around long enough and their initial quotes will keep dropping till you get a sense of what is fair). We bought a couple of good books on Egypt in Cairo (there is a good bookshop at the airport itself) and read through to get background.

There is a thread on this forum which covers places to stay in Cairo and relative merits of each, so that should help you with accomodation.

Since you may not have the time to do a Nile cruise, you could also check out what is called the "Pharonic Museum' - essentially had scaled down replicas of Egyptian temples, tombs etc. plus has a good guide /explanatory section on Egyptian history. You will find models of alternate theories on how the pyramids are believed to have been built. This Museum is a little expensive, and not huge value if you have been on a cruise and seen the temples on the Nile in full-scale, but if you can't do a cruise, then well worth checking out.

So I would say - 3-4 days in Cairo minimum!!

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Jun 2nd, 2004, 02:15 AM
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Get to the Pyramids very early (our guide had us there at 7 AM). They sell a limited number of tickets that allow entry into the pyramids and these are gone quickly - you can't get them in advance but only from the guy selling them that day. It is a little claustrophobic, but worth it.

There are guys with camels near the pyramids trying to sell rides - we passed on that, but they expect a tip for photos with the camel - that does make for a nice traditional photo to take home - you, a camel and the pyramids in the background. Expect to tip to photo the camel sitting, standing, walking, and breathing - each time a small tip.

If you happen to be traveling with kids, they will put the child on the camel and then charge you to get them back off the camel - all very small tips and actually great fun - makes for good stories when you get home.
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