advice on United Arab Emirates


Jun 13th, 2001, 05:45 PM
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advice on United Arab Emirates

Family of 4 looking to go to Dubai for xams this year - never been - whats it like - where to stay - preferably beach hotel - I also need a good tour operator to sell me holiday.
Cheers, Liz
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Jun 15th, 2001, 05:49 AM
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xams - I presume that's Christmas and not school tests?

I haven't been there at that time of year so don't have experience of a Muslim country at Christmas. Went there last November for 5 days and thought it was very good. Most beach hotels are on Jumeira Beach about 20 mins drive from the City.

Most are good quality hotels so its not a cheap destination.

As for a good tour company, I'm from the UK so if you're not then I can't help there.

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Jun 18th, 2001, 10:48 PM
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We stayed at the Royal Mirage last Christmas because I hated the idea of the Burj and could not get into the Ritz Carlton. My husband has since stayed at the Jumeirah Beach & was impressed by it. Our favourte though was definitely Al Maha ( in the desert - you should try to go out there for a couple of days if you can.

Last Christmas followed immediately after Ramadan - so there was limited nightlife in the run upto Christmas (if that concerns you). It certainly did not adversely affect our holiday. I think that Ramadan is earlier this year.

We booked the hotel through a local agent (got the flights on Air Miles)who offered a much better rate than the hotel itself - Seven Seas Tours ( Asiatravel ( also had some good rates.

Just be aware that Dubai is a very Western city - if you are expecting an exotic Arabian location, you will eb disappointed. The Gold Souk was wonderful - in the most authentic part of town.

My only real complaint was that the restaurants were very disappointing. If you like wine - prepare to pay a lot of money for some very mediocre stuff.

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Jun 23rd, 2001, 03:44 PM
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I was in Dubai about three years ago while I was deployed to the Middle East and as a result I got to know Dubai very well. Dubai is a very western city and I would like to go there again on other than military business. I never stayed in any of the hotels but the InterContinental in down town Dubai is very very good. Very nice rooms. Some colleagues from our force got rooms there. The Hyatt Regency was a favorite hangout of mine because there is a movie theatre there which shows the latest western releases, however, they will be cut accordingly due to Islamic sensitivities. For a hotel neir the beach, the SAS Radisson near Jumeira beach is very good to. And it is within a reasonable cab ride distance and fare to down tow Dubai.
Visit the gold souk because you will not beat the prices of gold there anywhere else.
The mall in Dubai is very very good and they even have an IKEA there. I forget the name of the mall. Worth a trip to. I got many souvenirs there.
Restaurants: there's Pancho Villa's in down town Dubai. Very good mexican food. THe restaurant in the Hyatt ReRegency and the one in the Intercontinental are really good.
I thought Dubai was reasonably priced. However, the first time I was there was in December, be prepared, it was hot. You will like Dubai.
Good luck in your travels.
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