Advice on S. Africa Game Lodges?


Mar 11th, 2004, 04:34 AM
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Advice on S. Africa Game Lodges?

I have a business trip to Cape Town and plan to spend a couple of nights at a game lodge before heading down there. I am thinking about Madikwe, in part because we can transfer via road, which sounds attractive after a 14 hr. flight. But I would consider a place around Kruger (like Sabi Sands) if it offered a better safari experience. Anyone have any advice on this? If Madikwe, does anyone have any opinion about Impodimo? It is listed on the MT beds website with an attractive rate. I've read good things about Jaci's too in earlier posts. Thanks!!
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Mar 11th, 2004, 09:22 PM
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When are you planning your travels?

Anyway here is my advice:


This reserve created in 1991, sits right on the South Africa-Botswana border in a malaria-free area. In the largest movement of animals since Noah filled his arc, the 30,352 acre (75,000 ha) reserve was stocked with 10,000 head of game from 27 different species. The park's very existence contributes to the preservation of local fauna and flora and rare animals such as rhino and wild dog, and also provides a more sustainable environment for the local people.


Not only does this reserve boast the 'Big Five' but it also has the 'Super 7'! This adds cheetah and wild dog to the traditional five; leopard, lion, buffalo, elephant and rhino. Plus brown hyena, sable, eland, gemsbok, giraffe and large herds of plains game and plenty of birds.
Wild dogs are a speciality of the area and due to their rarity and fascinating behaviour, are a wonderful sight. They are also known as Cape hunting dogs or painted dogs because of their tricoloured (black, white and tan) abstract coat. Wild Dogs are Africa's most formidable hunters (followed by hyena and lion), and the essence of their successful social system is co-operative hunting and food sharing. Not only do they regurgitate food for the young but the babysitter gets fed too. They travel great distances while hunting and as a result often traverse farmland where they were almost shot to extinction. Luckily they are thriving in Madikwe.

This all said I don't have first hand knowledge about Impodimo but you might want to look at Madikwe River Lodge as they are also offering great rates at present on MTBEDS.

In my opinion the Sabi Sands offer the best all round safari experience in RSA,however there are many who disagree with me!

If I were you I would use this opportunity to see Simbambili in the Sabi Sands at the current special rate of 1 300 rand pp/night offered by MTBEDS.At this rate I find this offer unbeatable as their usual rate is 3800 rand pp/night,a saving of $1500 for a two night stay!Your two night stay will only cost $800! excluding air transfers.Have a look at their website and tell me what you think.

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Mar 12th, 2004, 02:38 AM
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Thanks Safarinut for your really detailed reply - its very helpful. Our trip is actually at the end of March, so its coming up soon. From your description, it sounds like Madikwe should be a great experience. Thanks also for the advice on Madikwe and Sabi Sands lodges!
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