advice on picking a safari company


Feb 7th, 2006, 09:26 AM
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"My comment on the single minded operator pushing one line of product i believe is true."

I would tend to feel that way too. Unfortunately, one would not know if it is true or not, and therefore I would side with caution.

I do not know about Botswanna, but I booked everything direct in Zambia for a few reasons:
1) It was relatively simple timetable
2) It was only one country
3) The internet has plenty of info and reviews
4) I tend to shy away for operators in an effort to save money (almost $1200 saved over 14 days)
5) I prefer to spend my money locally at the destination. Commission fees, while understandable, take from the operation that is serving you.
6) I like the minor challenge of setting everything up, and everyone I booked with were really helpful and offered advice.

If it is simple, and you have time - enquire about, get some books (which you would do anyways), plan it and see if you can do it. If you can't (which is no biggie), you go to the operator.
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