ABU DHABI information please


Mar 13th, 1998, 12:59 AM
Andy Medwell
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ABU DHABI information please

Hi, I've got a two day stop over in Abu Dhabi this August. Can anyone give me tips on where to stay close to the airport (and inexpensive) and what its possible to do in such a short time there. Any information gratefully appreciated. Cheers.
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Mar 23rd, 1998, 06:54 AM
Joe Eral
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The cab fare from Abu Dhabi to town is not very expensive. I would ask at the airport the going rate and they will tell you.The govt in Dubai(two hours by car) have fixed rates for taxis at the airport, and Abu Dhabi may be the same. You can stay in Abu Dhabi and most major hotels are located there. You can usually get a room easily in August. There are plenty of beaches to enjoy and nightclubs as well. Dubai is the main city and the nightlife is quite a bit better. Send me a note if you need more info. The people are extremely friendly and other than the weather that time of year you may never want to leave. If you can fly into Dubai you will have alot more fun!!!
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May 14th, 1998, 04:28 AM
Helen Scott
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a taxi into town from AD airport is 70 dirhams. you'll be approached as soon as you exit customs, but I'd go outside and get an Al Ghazal taxi - white mercedes (usually) with purple stripe, as opposed to a local taxi which is gold and white. better to drive at 120+ kms in a mercedes than a clapped out toyota. get a hotel anywhere in town. I hear the Meena Hotel is cheapest and decent - not sure of rates, but the usual Forte Grand sort hotel is usally 400 odd dirhams (3.67dhs to US$). Dubai would be better for 2 days - more touristy - but damn hot in August. happy travels.
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