A South African in Lusaka


Jun 19th, 2017, 11:07 PM
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A South African in Lusaka

Hi all,

Just a quick recap for anyone who is interested.

We spent 2 nights in Lusaka, which isn't much, I wanted to do a road trip to Livingstone, but had no time. Anyway, Lusaka it is.

In summary, I felt very safe. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful.

1. Food and accommodation was well-priced, about the same price as things in South Africa.

2. South Africans get a visa on arrival.

3. We stayed at the Protea Hotel on Cairo Road and had zero issues. Good service. WiFi was strong.

4. We went to the Munda Wanga Enviro Park and really enjoyed it.

5. Halal/vegetarian food was easily accessible. Not sure about strict vegetarians/vegans.

6. Rented a car with Europcar. Was a good car, had no issues.

7. Traffic is crazy.

8. Used Malanil tablets, no real side effects, bit of nausea. They were the most expensive ones available. Had to start a day before and continue for a week after.

For a more colourful description, feel free to read my review herehttps://alikerofthings.wordpress.com...lusaka-zambia/)

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Jun 20th, 2017, 05:15 AM
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First off, our link does not work.

Second..I'd like t read about Lusaka if you post it here, not just post a link to your blog.

Looking at visit for next year.
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Aug 9th, 2017, 09:52 PM
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Hi ekscrunchy,

Sorry about that, it had an extra bracket: https://alikerofthings.wordpress.com...lusaka-zambia/

Lusaka was busy! It has a few attractions, but from what I could see, most people pass through it. They stay for a day or two max and then make their way to Livingstone, which is the tourist hub.

The people were very friendly and helpful and we rented a car and drove around without too much hassle. We were pulled over for speeding, even though we were pretty sure we weren't speeding. Anyway, the roads, albeit cracking, are still perfectly ok to navigate without a 4x4.

You do need a 4x4 if you want to explore the national park in your own vehicle.

Hope that helps.
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