3 days in Luxor


Oct 11th, 1999, 05:16 AM
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3 days in Luxor

A friend and I will be in Luxor for 3 days at the end of our Nile cruise. We will already have visited the Valley of the Kings and also the Valley of the Queens. Can you recommend other good sites to see?
We would like to take a trip to Abu Simbel. Can anyone recommend a good tour group to do this with? What price can we expect to pay?
We will be there at the beginning of November. Where is a good market to shop? What is the best value to buy?

Thanks! Laura
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Oct 11th, 1999, 08:31 AM
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There are so many sites in and around Luxor it is hard to begin to mention all of them. Even though you will have "seen" the Valley or the Kings and Queens there will be plenty that the tour did not show you. There is the Valley of the Nobles and the Deir el Medina - the workers village - they built the valley and their tombs are small but very well done.

Hatshepsut's Temple is carved into the side of the hills and is spectacular.

How about a trip to Dendera to see the temple of Hathor? Do you go to Edfu? That also can be done from Luxor.

There is the Ramasseum, Medinat Habu, etc. In Luxor there is Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, and the very nice Luxor Museum. There is plenty to see and 3 days is not enough.

If you are adventurous try a balloon ride which gives you the impression that you are drifting back through time.

As to Abu Simbel - just get a flight from Luxor through Egyptair - no tour is necessary. However, be sure to get to the airport early since it is open seating on the Abu Simbel flights and you might have a problem getting over and coming back on time - allow a day for this manuever.

As to shopping in Luxor - the Corniche is loaded with shops and the parallel street also is loaded with markets and shops. You will not have any problem spending money!

You might like to take a caleche along the Cornishe so that you can view the Nile and the water scene in a leisurely pace.
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