3 day Safari?


Sep 13th, 2003, 01:52 AM
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3 day Safari?

My partner and I are planning a trip to S.A. next year and we are definitely more interested in spending our time/travel budget in Capetown.

However, since we are traveling all the way down to S.A. it would be a shame not to do a safari. So we are trying to find an inexpensive Safari somewhere in S.A. for about 3 days, preferably adults only. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks!!
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Sep 13th, 2003, 02:13 PM
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Hi George,

I have done the following journey many times with visitors an I highly recommend the journey which you could y do in a self drive fashion.

Day 1

Transfer by air from wherever you fly into (Cape Town or Johannesburg) to Port Elizabeth. Hire a car in Port Elizabeth and travel to Lalibela Game Reserve. The game reserve is about 100km from Port Elizabeth and the drive should take you about one hour.

Game reserve activities will consist of morning and evening game drives with 3 wonderful meals a day. During non game viewing activity you will be able to participate in nature walks as well as simply taking it very easy using the swimming pool area on the farm as well as enjoying the quietness of your thatched roof cottage and the communal areas of the reserve. If you can then stay at Mark's lodge otherwise stay at Lentaba Lodge.

Fair warning Lalibela is the most expensive of the options that I am going to give you in this mail yet still remains good value for money.


Day 2
Lalibela Game Reserve

Day 3
In the early morning you can book out of Lalibela and travel to Elephant House in the Addo area. The lodge is about 30 minutes away from Lalibela. Elephant House is an wonderful establishment. It is very African in feel yet has all the modern day functions that you would need such as aircon etc. The cuisine at Elephant house is excellent and Chris and Gail are hosts extraordinaire. All in all Elephant House is located in a wonderfully central area to explore the Addo district.

http://www.Elephant House.co.za

On arrival at Elephant House you will settle in and you can then drive to the Addo Game Park. (20 minutes from Elephant House). At Addo you can use the latest idea of a "pick up ranger" who will join you in your own car as you travel over the park. The ranger will charge you by the hour. You should see many specie of game on the drive with elephants being the main attraction. Lunch can be arranged by Elephant House in the from of a picnic that you can have on the park.


On leaving Addo Game Park you can travel on to Schotia game farm (30 minutes away) where you will be taken on a game drive at Schotia called the Tooth and Claw safari. Schotia specializes in lions and when I say lions I mean the real big guys that hunt and do whatever else in the wild. I have never seen as many animals as I normally see on Schotia on any other private game farm before. The place just teems with animals. They do not specialize in big 5 type animals but that certainly is not of importance as you will PROBABLY experience elephants like you never have seen before at Addo Game Park, Rhino, cheetah and Cape buffalo on Lalibela, while on Schotia you will see lions and tons of other animal like zebra, wildebeest, 17 types of antelopes, giraffes, rhino, hippo, jackals, spring hares and many other species. The only member of the big 5 that you will not see will be leopard. After the game drive at Schotia you will sit around the campfire in a traditional African type setting for a campfire meal. The experience is absolutely fabulous and noy expensive at all (R450/head when I last was at this wonderful game farm).

After dinner you can drive back to Elephant House


Day 4

On this day you can leave Elephant House and either travel back to Port Elizabeth so as to catch a plane back to Cape Town or you might elect to take an extra 2 or 3 days off your Cape Town stay by travelling back to Cape Town (800Km away) via the fabulous Garden Route. In my opinion the latter way would be the way to go but obviously this would depend on you

Btw another BIG plus to the above suggestion is that you will always be in a malaria free zone.

If the above itinerary is one day too long then I would suggest that you sacrifice one of your days at Lalibela.

Hope this idea suits you.

Enjoy our country as well as my great hometown (Cape Town) when you visit us.

Selwyn Davidowitz
Very proudly part of the wonderful nation of South Africa
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