2 days in Morocco


Feb 26th, 2004, 06:01 AM
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2 days in Morocco

hi, I'm going to the South of Spain this summer, and would like to take a two day trip to Morocco. I've already seen Tangiers before and the whole "touristy" thing is not really what I'm after. I noticed that there are fast ferries that go to Ceuta, and was wondering if it's a worthwhile place to go to or if it's similar to the "Tijuana" touristy thing where people just go on day trips?? Would I be better off getting a train to Fez...even though it will take 5 hours and I'm only going to stay there one night? Or can anyone suggest somewhere closer to Tangiers/Ceuta that would be a good option to spend a night?

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May 2nd, 2004, 06:30 AM
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we went in Dec. 98 and while staying in Algeciras, took the ferry to Ceuta and bus (es) to Chechaouen (small-ish beautiful village in mountains) via Tetouan. It's closer than Fes but it still took most of the day getting there and most of it getting back- just slow buses and waiting around and stuff, I guess. But we were only there for two or three days or something, and I think that it was worth the trip for that little time, rather than not going at all!! So don't know if that helps, I guess you'd just have to see what the bus/ train timetables were like, but my point is, if you only go for a day or two, go my friend!!! The travelling was horrible but memorable and worth it!!! I would do it again! Enjoy your trip anyway
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