14 month Baby in Egypt


Feb 17th, 2001, 09:14 AM
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14 month Baby in Egypt

I would like to know if anyone has brought a 14 month old Baby in Cairo for 2 wekks, doing a nil tour, in the month of august. If so how did it turn out to be, and is it possible.
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Feb 19th, 2001, 02:38 AM
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Never done it, but as an RN I think your major concerns would be possible dehydration and sun. Even people who are very careful with food/water can get sick in Egypt. I would be concerned that the baby would get diarrhea, become dehydrated in an area of questionable medical care. Of less concern is the sun and sunburn - that is handled more easily with sunblock/full clothing
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Apr 5th, 2001, 09:19 AM
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I spent two weeks in Egypt a few years ago. I am not a mom, but as a traveler I would dare to say that I would think it over very seriously before travelling with a 14 month old baby to this destination. As the RN in the previous message said, Egypt is a very hot place. It is so hot, that the wheels on my luggage melted while I was walking from one terminal to the other at the Cairo airport. As an adult I rember drinking at least 3 big bottles of water daily. Also, the tourist sites and bazaars are very hectic and crowded. This feeling of chaos is part of the experience and the magic of visiting Egypt. Although I think it would be a wonderful destination to visit again, I wouldn't recommend doing so with a baby.
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Apr 5th, 2001, 03:59 PM
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Absolutely do not bring a baby here. I have just returned from a weeks cruise in Egypt. It is only spring and the heat was horrendous. I would class this as an adults only country. I heard a child crying to her mother saying she was too hot and hated looking at all those silly statues. I
would be fearful for a babys health in this climate.
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