100, 200 or 400 ASA Film for the Middle East?


Mar 30th, 1999, 09:13 PM
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100, 200 or 400 ASA Film for the Middle East?

I'm visiting Egypt and Jordan next month and I'm wondering what is the best film speed to take.
100 ASA seems like a good option to cope with the glare of sunlit deserts and monuments but will it be fast enough when visiting tombs (especially if they don't allow flash). What do you recommend?
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Apr 5th, 1999, 11:20 AM
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I found it impossible to take pictures inside the tombs. ASA 400 will not do. I remember that some tombs do not allow photography, some do not allow flash, and the ones that do allow picture taking charge exorbitant fees. Inside the great pyramid, the guard encouraged us to take pictures with flash but this required a baksheesh (tip). Remember not to hand your camera to anyone to have your picture taken or you may end up having to pay a ransom to get it back.
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