10 reason you should go and love Egypt


Oct 25th, 2004, 06:19 AM
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10 reason you should go and love Egypt

10 reason you should go and love Egypt

1. The giza plateau. Amazing and aw inspiring. Enough said.
2. Abu Simble. A must on any trip to Egypt. Not only is it self amazing but you need to fully understand what they did to move it because of the dam as well.
3. The Cairo Museum. Hours upon hours of things to look at. Plan on spending lots of time here, you can't have enough time.
4. Sharm Sheik. By far the most amazing snorkeling and beautiful water my husband and I have ever seen. (BTW...we have been to many tropical destinations and this by far the best fish and coral around)
5. Aswan during sunset. If you are lucky enough to stay at the Old Cataract sit on the deck outside during sunset. It will take your breath away. Very Romantic.
6. Sound and light show at Abu Simble. Under a warm fall evening with a full moon watching the temple light up will give you shivers.
7. The boardwalk at Luxor. Spend a day or evening walking along the boardwalk. If it's a clear day you can even see Hatshepsut's temple across the river.
8. Hatshepsut's temple in luxor. Amazing.
9. A felluca ride on the nile. We liked it best in Aswan, but Luxor was fine too. A most during a trip in Egypt.
10. Finally the Egyptian people. They are so friendly and nice you'll fall in love with them.

So go to Egypt!
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