10 Days in Morocco


Jul 10th, 1997, 02:34 PM
Victor & Kelly
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10 Days in Morocco

Hello. We are spending 10 days in Morocco from the
end of December to the beginning of January. We
will be going on a $50 per diem, per person budget.
We would like to visit both Fes and Marrakesh, as
well as a mountain trip; our plane lands in Casablan
ca(we'll be leaving right away). Is it reasonable to
see these two cities in ten days? What would be
the best transport, given our time frame? I would
like to avoid using Air Maroc for internal travel,
because I feel like we'd miss so much of the country's views.

Also, I am caucasian, my girlfriend is Asian. Any
problems with interracial couples in these cities?

Any other ideas, suggestions, warnings would be
greatly appreciated.

By the way, we're currently reading the Lonely
Planet books on the area, which seem to be good
starting points.

thanks. please email [email protected]

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Sep 30th, 1997, 03:52 PM
renato tavares
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I've spent a week in south Morocco (Agadir as basis) and it was great.
People is very nice, prices are good (yu must discuss all prices by min 50%25).
Marrakech is a must (spend at least one nignt there to see the plaza...i dont remeber the name but is very well known)
Best way is to rent a car and descend to the south (try special rates of Atlas Voyages at Avis...)
Do not see any special problem with the fact that you are caucasian.
Morocco is very different of other Arab countries and very much western.
If you need more assistance write me and I shall try to assist you.
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