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Feb 3rd, 2008, 05:35 PM
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hiya, just a few tips etc, re your camera, if you wanted to photograph in the favelas there is a very interesting favela tour which you could go on, run by a local, NOT on jeeps but small van with usually 6-8 others, helps the local community school etc, very interesting and worthwhile. Then you could photograph. Re rio tour guide, yes you could do all by taxi but where's the fun and learning out of that ? A private guide provides info, tips, advice, where to go, where not, a safe day and driver to go out and take all the photos you want, chance to discover different places and areas as you discuss exactly what your interests and wants are etc. And prices are not always too expensive.
The food is better at hotel das cataratas than at the sheraton too., Re weather, here it's pretty crazy(rio) but is wetter at this time of year than then. You should be fine.
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