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Jan 29th, 2008, 09:36 PM
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Do your own thing, set your own pace, and you will thoroughly enjoy the intinerary you have set. It's a sensible one..and the October weather, which is their springtime, will be very comfortable. You can book all airlines from the USA..or use a TA if you wish.

As part of am long independent trip we took a few years ago, we also included BA, Rio and the out well. We started in Chile, driving the length of the paved portion of the Pan Am, took the boat, bus boat two day trip through the lakes into Bariloche (Argentina).

What is you budget for lodgings? I can recommend moderate hotels in the two cities...and highly recommend the Das Cataratas on the Brazillian side of the falls...a unique colonial style place with easy access to the falls.

Rio can be tricky, so plan it carefully. The only precaution we took was not to use our camera on the streets. I bought a few throwaways and it worked out fine.
This was at a particular time where camera theft ran rampant in the city.

Hotel Ouro Verde, across from Ipanema in Rio...get a street/beach facing room...excellent restaurant therein.

Ouro Verde Hotel
$-$$, Copacabana

Fodor's Review:

>>>From Fodor's Reviews: Since the 1950s this hotel has been favored for its efficient, personalized service. The tasteful art-deco style, with some French twists, is in step with the emphasis on quality and graciousness. <<<

Address: Av. Atlantica 1456, Rio de Janeiro, 22021-000
Phone: 021/2543-4123
Fax: 021/2542-4597 Hotel Details: 60 rooms, 2 suites
In-room: safe, dial-up.
In-hotel: bar, no-smoking rooms, room service, restaurant, laundry service, public Internet.
Credit Cards: AE, DC, MC, V
Metrô: Cardeal Arco Verde

Gran Hotel Dona, good location, small European style BA.

We also included a four day foray into the Amazon which was exciting and very rewarding. You might want to consider this...if you do, I can suggest a wonderful guide who has a motor launch and outboard canoe trailing.

I have many scanned pix of all of the was before digitals...I can scan and send if you wish...write me at [email protected]

Stu T.
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