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Jun 14th, 2012, 08:35 AM
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My family used Global Travel Cambodia in Jan 2010 for our tour of Thailand and Cambodia. We really had a terrific time and loved the service. When I go on vacation I like to relax and enjoy my time. I do not want to stress about figuring out how to get from one place to another or where to stay or what to do. So when my family and I decided to go on vacation to Cambodia, we decided to use Global Travel Cambodia upon a recommendation from a few travelers on this forum and other. I emailed Ann, the owner of Global Travel Cambodia, and informed him of some places I was interested in seeing and he set up an entire itinerary for me and my family. Everything was taken care, from airport pick-ups, to personal drivers and guides, to hotel rooms and domestic flights. The guides took care of obtaining any tickets we needed for whatever activity or sight we were visiting that day. I cannot imagine the logistics of planning this vacation and I am so glad I did not have to do much other then email Global Travel Cambodia and show up in Cambodia. Moreover, some of the places we visited, I would not have known about or would have just skipped. Without Global Travel Cambodia’ help, I would have missed some incredible sights.

The guides were extremely informative and friendly. Each guide arrived promptly, and in most cases, early at the hotel each day for our sightseeing. The drivers were also prompt and were good drivers; the vans were clean and nice as well as cold water always ready on van. On our last day, our driver held onto our luggage so that we could sightsee. Not having to deal with our luggage was a complete relief.

This trip was the best trip of my life. I saw amazing places, stayed at nice hotels, ate delicious food, and learned a lot. With Global Travel Cambodia’ helps, I was able to relax and fully enjoy my trip. I highly recommend Global Travel Cambodia. My family also planning another trip to Vietnam and Laos, and definitely using Global Travel again.
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