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Aug 1st, 2011, 05:02 PM
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Well, none of us got sick on the WATER. I was not initially going to mention this, but decided to - along w/the mention that there is no true way to diagnose food poisoning w/out the contaminated food being tested:

2 of us in our tour group became ill w/classic food poisoning symptoms after having eaten mixed seafood & rice dishes on our planes on different days. (I had asked for chicken the day I became ill, but they were out of it.) The first was a young man in our group (about 21 or 22), only he got sick on the flight between San Francisco and Beijing. I became ill from 60 to 90 min. after eating the seafood dish on the flight back to the U.S. from Beijing. The illness came on rather quickly once I noticed the first inkling of symptoms, and lasted about 4 hours or so. I was MISERABLE! A flight attendant took my temperature (no fever) & suggested that applying pressure to the area between my thumb and forefinger might bring relief (didn't at all). I was given a face cloth and offered what I am pretty sure was Dramamine (no thanks!), so they tried to help. Finally, when the "waves" of symptoms began to slow somewhat, I asked for a tiny bit of Sprite as by then I felt quite dehydrated. I managed to keep down about 1/3 cup of Sprite by sipping it VERY SLOWLY over a period of about an hr. before landing. I think this helped me a LOT. I was SO glad to be able to walk off the plane on my own! Once in the airport, I drank icy lime juice w/sugar, and ended up not wanting the soup I had ordered. I stretched out on some chairs to catch an hr's. catnap during our 5 hr. layover and was able to eat normally by the time we got home. I know not everyone who ate that dish on the plane had a problem, but it's odd that both the young man on our tour and I had eaten it (though not on the same day) just a while prior to being sick. Little pcs. of fish, tiny octopus (both "arms" and pcs. of calmari type rings) and maybe some shrimp were in it, and those things contaminate bacterially somewhat easily. I did not know the young man had been sick after eating the seafood on the first flight of our trip until we were talking in the baggage area after our flight back to SFO . I had initially felt happy to get anything as the pilot had announced they might run out of meals before getting everyone served. Little did I know!

My apologies to Air China if it was not the seafood dish! - ???
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