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Jul 28th, 2011, 04:39 PM
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Shanghainese, I did not ask what type of water the ice was made of. I assumed it was safe as was the water provided on the buffet lines. We had no problems from it whatsover.I got ice in almost (if not all) of the restaurants we went to, including a couple that we visited on our own that had western food as well. China Focus appears to be pretty careful re: standards so their clients will not get sick. I would think probably most other reputable tour companies that offer similar trips are as well.

HappyTrvler, the flights on Air China were good enough but basic. We were given blankets, pillows and headphones. On the way home The movie screens were set on the front wall that separates the cabins, and were therefore a bit low w/the picture a bit "light" from a distance. I am 5'5" and had to tilt my head up and back a bit to see the lower half of the screen. (They showed Secretariat and I forgot what they showed in the other direction.) Usually I get COLD on planes and close the a/c vent, however I didn't on Air China so I would say their a/c was a bit weaker than what you find on U.S. airlines. The meals were usually white rice, w/either seafood, chicken or thin, small pcs. of beef on top. Not much variation at all. The chicken and beef seemed sort of processed to me. The flight attendants were all pleasant. The airline is o.k. if you are saving a decent amount over some other one. If not, go for the other carrier. As for boarding processes, etc., they were fine.

Smith01, our neighbor's parents have taken a lot of tours, including the same one w/China Focus. I knew I could rely on their experience in judging a good tour co. from one not so good. They told me a lot of what to expect and whenever I had other questions, I just called China Focus! Usually I got Jason, but sometimes someone else. They were always happy to answer the questions. Let me know if you have specific questions re: anything and I will try to check back on here when I can get a chance.

Thanks to all of you for the kind words about my post.
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