Go List 201221 Places to Go in 2012

Buzzy Destinations

New energy suffuses these rural and urban hubs

  • Photo of Charleston

    Award-winning chefs pioneer a spectacular Southern food revival. Read more

  • Photo of Cusco

    Two impressive new hotels tap into the Sacred Valley's spiritual side. Read more

  • Photo of Milan

    A vibrant art scene and a trailblazing Armani hotel put a new spin on Italy's fashion center. Read more

  • Photo of Oahu

    A fantastic, family-friendly Disney resort arrives on the Waianae Coast. Read more

  • Photo of Paris

    Trendy bistros, new wine bars, and a slew of exciting hotels rejuvenate the City of Light. Read more

  • Photo of Scrub Island

    Scrub Island
    An exclusive British Virgin Island resort gets an upscale Marriott rebrand. Read more