Air Contacts in Mérida


Air Contacts

Santa Barbara Airlines (Aeropuerto Alberto Carnevali, Merida. 0274/262-0381 or 0212/204-4400.

Bus Contact

Expreso Merida (Terminal la Bandera, Merida. 0212/693-5559 or 0276/346-5890.

Car-Rental Contacts

Budget (0274/263–1758.)

Davila (0274/263–4510.)

Currency Exchange

Visitor & Tour Info

Cormetur (Av. Urdaneta at Calle 45, Mérida. 0274/263–0814 or 0254/993–7239.)

Lost World Adventures (404/373–5820; 800/999–0558 in U.S.

Montaña Adventures (Av. Las Américas, Edificio Las Américas, Mérida. 0274/266–1448.

Natoura Adventure Tours (Calle 24 Nos. 8-237, Merida. 0274/252-4216; 303/800-4639 in U.S.

VenAventours (Av. 3, between Calles 17 and 18, Mérida. 0416/473–5460.


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