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Set amid rolling hills, Caracas lacks a single downtown area. However, the city can be divided into four principal areas of interest: El Centro and its Plaza Bolívar ringed by historic buildings; Parque Central and the surrounding Bellas Artes district; Las Mercedes with its many boutiques and restaurants; and the walled villas, apartment buildings, and shops of Altamira and La Castellana.

The main subway line runs across much of the city, supplemented by two short southern spurs. It's clean and great for traveling around Caracas. Buses confound first-time visitors because service is sporadic and routes are difficult to ascertain. Por puestos—the small vans that will pick you up and drop you off anywhere on their set routes—are fine for short point-to-point hops. Taxis are often hampered during the day by gridlock, but they are a good, safe option for getting around downtown, especially if you use a hired car or taxi recommended by your hotel.

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