The Southern Coast: Places to Explore


  • Huacachina

    Drive 10 minutes through the pale, mountainous sand dunes southwest of Ica and you'll suddenly see a gathering of attractive, pastel-color buildings surrounding a patch of green. It's not an oasis on the... Read more

  • Ica

    A bustling commercial city with chaotic traffic and horn-happy drivers, Ica challenges you to find its attractive side. Step outside the city center, however, and you'll see why this town was the Nazca... Read more

  • Lunahuaná

    Flanked by arid mountains, the beautiful valley of the Río Cañete cuts a swathe of green inland from Cañete to reach the tiny but charming town of Lunahuaná, nestled against the river. It's the center... Read more

  • Nazca

    What do a giant hummingbird, a monkey, and an astronaut have in common? Well, apart from the fact that they're all etched into the floor of the desert near Nazca, no one really seems to know. Welcome to... Read more

  • Paracas

    After the 2007 quake, Paracas quickly leapfrogged Pisco as the most important tourist hub on the south coast. Several major coastal resorts from big-name chains like Doubletree and Libertador (now part... Read more

  • Pisco

    Lending its name to the clear brandy that is Peru's favorite tipple and a source of fierce national pride, the coastal town of Pisco and its surroundings hold a special place in the national psyche. It's... Read more

  • Tambo Colorado