The Southern Andes and Lake Titicaca: Places to Explore


  • Arequipa

    Cradled by three steep, gargantuan, snow-covered volcanoes, the jaw-dropping white-stoned Arequipa (population 58,000), one of the most visually stunning cities in Peru, shines under the striking sun at... Read more

  • Chivay

    The largest town in the Colca Canyon region is Chivay, a small, battered-looking village with a population of 3,000. Most tourist facilities are here, which are not many, but include restaurants, hotels... Read more

  • Chucuito

    Chucuito (in Aymará: Choque-Huito, Mountain of Gold) is the first of several small towns that dot the lake as you travel from Puno into Bolivia. If you aren't interested in architecture, colonial churches... Read more

  • Cotahuasi Village and Vicinity

    Cotahuasi is the largest town in canyon country and the first you'll stumble upon. In the hills at 2,680 meters (8,620 feet), whitewashed colonial-style homes line slim, straight lanes before a backdrop... Read more

  • Juli

    At one time this village may have been an important Aymará religious center, and it has served as a Jesuit training center for missionaries from Paraguay and Bolivia. Juli has been called "Little Roma"... Read more

  • Lake Titicaca

    Stunning, unpredictable, and enormous, Lake Titicaca is a world of unique flora, fauna, cultures, and geology. Lago Titicaca, which means lake of the gray (titi) puma (caca) in Quechua, borders Peru and... Read more

  • Pomata

  • Puno

    Puno doesn't win any beauty pageants—brown unfinished cement homes, old paved roads, and a dusty desert have dominated the landscape for years. It's a sharp contrast to Puno's immediate neighbor, Lake Titicaca... Read more

  • Sillustani