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With its altitude and cool weather, southern Peru is famous for its hearty and savory soups. Quinoa and potatoes typically provide the base, and with the emergence of Novo Andino cuisine, the addition of meats, vegetables, and spices makes these soups meals unto themselves. Cheese, potatoes, cuy, and quinoa make up the diets in traditional villages around Lake Titicaca and the canyons.


In coastal towns you'll dine in cebicherías and more upscale marisquerías (seafood restaurants). The best are along the coast and in Puno.

cebiche: Fish or shellfish (marinated in lime juice, cilantro, onions, tomatoes, and chilies), served raw as a salad or cocktail and usually accompanied by canchas, toasted corn kernels sprinkled with salt. Cebiche mixto is a mix of shellfish and fish and is best along the coast.

escabeche: Raw fish and prawns with chilies, cheese chunks, sliced eggs, olives, and onions, found in Arequipa.


Cuy chactado: Roasted guinea pig.

Filet de cuy: A Novo Andino style of cuy cut in fillets instead of whole; found in Arequipa.

Lomo a la huancaina: Beef strips with egg and cheese sauce.

Rocoto relleno: Baked spicy red peppers stuffed with ground beef, olives, and queso fresco.

Soups and stews

Chupe de camarones: Spicy shrimp stew; found on the coast.

Chupe verde: Potatoes, cheese, eggs, and herbs; found in Arequipa and the canyon country.

Créma de quinoa: Creamed soup made of quinoa. Found in mountainous areas like Lake Titicaca and the canyon country.

Hualpa chupe: Chicken, chilies, and spices; found in Arequipa.

Mollejitas: Chicken innards are a specialty in Arequipa.

Sopa a la criolla: Onions, peppers, and potatoes; found in Arequipa.


Alfajores: Shortbread.

Churros: Fried dough sprinkled with sugar.

Cocadas al horno: Macaroons.

Ganja blanco: Boiled evaporated milk and sugar mixed with pineapple or peanuts.

Mazamorra morada: Purple maize, cinnamon, milk, and sugar—a specialty from small street stands in Arequipa.

Queso helado: The signature ice cream of Arequipa. Creamy coconut ice cream with cinnamon.


The fizzy red soda Cola Esococia is the local soda brand. Regional beers include Cusqueña and Arequipeña. Chicha (a fermented corn drink) is the national beverage for fiestas and celebrations, not to be confused with chicha morada (a nonalcoholic drink from purple corn). Vino Calliente is hot-mulled red wine served across the country but especially in the highlands and in Puno.

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