Chivay Sports & Activities

Most organized adventure-sports activities should be arranged from Arequipa, especially kayaking, rafting, and multiday treks into the canyon. Many upper-tier hotels and resorts offer packages, have their own tour guides, and have activities like horseback riding and mountain-bike rentals. So check with your hotel before booking anything else. There's only one official tour operator in Chivay, and it specializes in mountain-bike rentals. However, local guides for hiking can be hired by asking around; the most experienced guides are in Cabanaconde and Chivay. The average price is S/80–S/100 or $28–$36 USD a day for a local guide.


Bring lots of water (the valley has water, but it's grossly expensive, as it's "imported" from Arequipa), sunscreen, a hat, good hiking shoes...

Peru's Llamas, Vicunas, and Alpacas

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White-Water Rafting

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