Getting Here and Around in Arequipa


Getting Here and Around

Arequipa's airport is large, and it's easy to hail a taxi to your hotel. Many hotels also offer pickup and drop-off. The cost is about S/15.

Walking is the best option around the city center. Most sights, shops, and restaurants are near the Plaza de Armas. For a quick, cheap tour, spend S/5 and catch a Vallecito bus for a 1½-hour circuit around Calles Jerusalén and San Juan de Díos. Taxis are everywhere, and cost about S/3–S/6 to get around the center or to Vallecito.

Arequipa has two bus terminals side by side on Avenida Ibañez and Avenida Andrés Avelino Cáceres. Most people leave out of the older Terminal Terreste, where most bus companies have offices, while the newer terminal Terrapuerto sees less traffic.