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The coast serves mostly fresh seafood, often cold—a refreshing meal on a hot day. The highlander diet consists of root vegetables, like yucca and potato, and a variety of meats, where all parts of an animal are eaten. Both regions have spicy and nonspicy meals, so ask first.

Cabrito con tacu-tacu: This dish of kid goat with refried rice and beans tastes like Peruvian comfort food. It's rich in flavor, but has little spice.

Cangrejo reventado: This dish consists of boiled crab, eggs, and onions, and is usually served in the shell with a side of yucca. This is a fresh, spicy dish.

Cebiche de conchas negras: Cebiche made of black conch, believed to be an aphrodisiac, is one of the most symbolic dishes in the region, though it's not for everyone. The taste of the conch is quite strong.

Cuy: Guinea pig is one of the more popular dishes in Peru. It's a good but chewy meat usually served whole, so you need to decide whether this is something you want to see before eating.

Shámbar: Particular to Trujillo, this wheat and bean stew is a nice, semi-spicy meat alternative that is served only on Monday.

Parrilladas: At restaurants serving parrilladas (barbecues) you can choose from every imaginable cut of beef, including anticucho (beef heart) and ubre (cow udder).

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