Madre de Dios


Madre de Dios

InkaNatura Travel. InkaNatura Travel runs tours to its own nature lodges in the Manu Biosphere Reserve and the Tambopata National Reserve. 1/203–5000 or.

Inkaterra. Inkaterra's tours provide a good introduction to the rain forest without sacrificing comfort. They include overnights at the Reserva Amazónica, a private reserve 30 minutes downriver from Puerto Maldonado, or the Hacienda Concepción, 20 minutes south of Puerto Maldonado, near the Tambopata National Reserve. Both lodges offer a selection of excursions that include rain-forest hikes, a morning on Lake Sandoval, a paddle down Gamitana Creekm, and a canopy walk. 1/610–0400; 800/442–5042 in U.S. & Canada.

Manu Expeditions. The specialists in bird watching, with decades of experience, Manu Expeditions offers trips into the Manu Biosphere Reserve lasting anywhere from five to nine days, with overnights at several different nature lodges. 84/225–990.

Manu Nature Tours. Manu Nature Tours runs trips into Manu with overnights at a cloud forest lodge and the Manu Lodge, inside Manu National Park. 84/252–721.

Pantiacolla. Pantiacolla organizes three- to nine-day eco-tours to Manu that include nights in the cloud forest and rainforest. Their lodges are more rustic, but less expensive than the competition. 84/238–323.

Rainforest Expeditions. The Tambopata experts, Rainforest Expeditions runs three- to seven-day nature tours with accomodations at any of the company's three lodges: the Posada Amazonas, Refugio Amazonas and Tambopata Research Center. Av. Larco 1116, 4to Piso, Miraflores, Lima. 1/719–6422 in Miraflores; 9847–05266 in Cusco; 877/231–9251 in U.S.

Iquitos Area

Amazonia Expeditions. Amazonia Expeditions offers trips to the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve: an extremely diverse protected area up the Amazon River from Iquitos, where it operates the Tahuayo Lodge and Research Center Lodge. 800/262–9669 in U.S.

Aqua Expeditions. Aqua Expeditions runs high-end nature cruises up the Amazon from Iquitos to the Pacaya Samiria Reserve, where tributaries and lakes are explored in small boats. Cruises last for three, four, or seven nights. 1/484–5544 or 65/601–053.

Delfin. Delfin offers four- and five-day Amazon eco-cruises on two boats: the luxurious Delfin I, which takes eight passengers, and the larger Delfin II, which sleeps 28. Passengers board small boats each day for trips into the Pacaya Samiria Reserve. 1/719–0998.

Explorama Tours. Explorama Tours offers trips down the Amazon River lasting anywhere from three to seven days, with stays at its rustic Explorama and ExplorNapo nature lodges or the more comfortable Ceiba Tops. 65/252–530; 800/707–5275 in U.S.

Green Tracks. Green Tracks is a U.S.-based company that organizes one-week river expeditions up the Amazon to the Pacaya Samiria Reserve, and books stays at nature lodges in both the Iquitos area and Madre de Dios. 970/884–6107.

International Expeditions. International Expeditions offers 10-day nature cruises to the Pacaya Samira Reserve that go deeper into the jungle and are less expensive that most Amazon cruises. 800/234–9620.

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