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Cusco's dining scene is surprisingly vast. Gone are the days when visitors only had touristy restaurants with ubiquitous Andean pan flute players to choose from. You'll encounter everything from Andean grills to Middle Eastern kebab shops. Restaurant employees on Cusco's Plaza de Armas and Plateros and Procuradores streets—any of these could be renamed "Restaurant Row"—stand in their doorways, touting their establishments, menus in hand, to entice you. Browsing many menus, you will come across the Andean specialties of cuy and alpaca. The former is guinea pig and is usually served roasted (sometimes with peppers stuffed charmingly in its mouth). The latter is the cute furry llama-like creature you'll see wandering the Cusco streets with its indigenous owner for photo ops. In addition to the wider variety of cuisines, there are also far higher-quality restaurants than there once were. You may not find Cusco to be as cheap a place to eat as before, however, what you will pay for a gourmet meal at a place like MAP Café is far less than you would pay at its equivalent in New York or Los Angeles and just as good.

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