The Galápagos-based EMETEBE operates daily passenger air service between Baltra, San Cristóbal, and Isabela islands in five-passenger Aztec Piper or nine-passenger Twin Islander planes. 05/252–5711 in Baltra; 05/252–0615 in San Cristóbal; 05/252–9155 in Isabela.

Tour Companies

Canodros operates the all-exterior-suite 293-foot M/V Galápagos Explorer II, with 50 cabins, each with twin beds that can be converted to a king-size bed, and a swimming pool and piano bar. You definitely won't feel as if you're roughing it. 04/228–5711 in Guayaquil; 800/327–9854 in North America.

Ecoventura operates two 16- to 20-passenger yachts, the M/Y Eric and M/Y Sky Dancer, which it uses on weeklong cruises through the islands. 04/220–7177 in Guayaquil; 800/633–7972 in North America.

Enchanted Expeditions —frequently referred to by its former name, Angermeyer's—operates the M/Y Cachalote I and the M/Y Beluga, both 96-foot schooners that hold 16 passengers for cruises through the islands. 02/256–9960 in Quito; 800/327–3573 in North America.

Galápagos Galasam Tours operates eight yachts holding 10–16 passengers. Its catamaran Millenium, is an 82-foot cruiser that carries diving gear on board. 04/230–6093 in Guayaquil.

Kleintours operates the 300-foot M/V Galápagos Legend, which holds 110 passengers and has cabins all with ocean views. Kleintours also operates two yachts, the 26-passenger M/Y Coral and the 20-passenger M/Y Coral II. Cruises on the yachts last three, five, or eight days. 02/226–7000 in Quito; 888/505–5346 in North America.

The high-end Metropolitan Touring's flagship is the 273-foot M/V Santa Cruz, which carries 90 passengers. It was built specifically for the Galápagos. The Isabela II is Metropolitan's 40-passenger luxury yacht. Its 32-passenger La Pinta, a 207-foot yacht, is one of the most modern that cruises the islands. 02/246–4780 in Quito; 800/527–2500 in North America.

Quasar Naútica has well-maintained yachts, including the three-masted, ketch-rigged schooner Alta. Its most luxurious and fastest yacht is the Parranda. 02/244–6996 in Quito; 800/247–2925 in North America.

TOPPSA is a last-minute booking agency. Its fares are reasonable. 02/224–1345; 866/809–3145 in North America.

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